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Here's what some of our students are voicing...

Citibank; Toys R Us; GE Appliances; Nationwide; Lowe’s; Staples; Mobil 1; Lysol; KY; AT&T; LG; US Chamber of Commerce; Visa; The Ad Council; Buick; DirecTV; Geico; SAP; D’Angelos; Atlantic Health; BMW; Charter Communications; TD Bank; Time Warner Cable; NC Lottery; Phillips; GA Lottery…  

Hugh, having been a professional VO actor for over 20 years, and having made a good living in almost every genre of VO, in both English and Spanish, your advice continues to be some of the most consistently accurate, concise and helpful that I am grateful to receive on a regular basis.  I recommend you to all aspiring VO actors.   You are like VO Haiku.


Armando K.



Hugh is a gift.  Great directors know the exact thing to say to an actor to get just the right take, and Hugh has given me the absolute best direction I've gotten in my career, without question.  Clearly he was born to do this.  After 20 years of making my living with voiceovers, I took my first class offered by Hugh for working professionals.  Hearing your fellow artists in this setting inspires and solidifies your own originality and somehow my bookings have increased ever since.  That's Hugh's magic. Anyone at any level seeking sound VO techniques, hands on, straight-forward yet creative feedback or sincerely honest career guidance, need look no further.


Matt W.




Hey Hugh,  I had to run off to a gig after class today, but I can't thank you enough for the plethora of knowledge you bestowed upon us. Absolutely great words of wisdom that I'll use for a long time. Even if I was unfortunate to never step into a recording booth again, the lessons I'm taking would still be used in my other facets of acting and performing. I've only gotten to take one other Voiceover class before, and I loved doing it,but after your class I think I'm now addicted to it. I'm sure that happens frequently. Anyway, please let me know about the follow up class. I would love to take it.


Chris C.

Hey Hugh,  I ran into an old friend last week at a cafe.  As we were catching up, she started telling me about this stellar VO class she's been taking... can you see where this is going?  Small world, my friend, because she was raving about your class!  It was really great to hear her gush about it and then make the connection that it was your class.  Very funny.  


Andy S.


Hiya Hugh,  It's amazing how a couple of lines of (constructive) criticism  can put someone right on the money in their read. That only comes from someone with your talent and experience.  Thanks so much for taking the time and exercising the care to critique our reads last week. I learned a workshop's worth listening to not only mine, but most of the reads and your comments. The efficiency you have in your criticism is extraordinary.  


I know that you're in NY and I in LA, but if you are ever coming out here, please drop me a line - or better yet, give a session or two at SAG Foundation's Don LaFontaine Voiceover Lab out here…  

Stephen K.