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VO4TA: The Mixmas

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VO4TA: The Mixmas


Alright, Gentle Readers - more on the X-mas tip.  


There are only two things I cannot do without during the holiday season.

1) DJ Riko’s Mixmas


Since 2002 (wow!) DJ Riko has been making it merry and bright with the most fantastic holiday mixes you have ever heard. All downloadable going back to the very beginning: dozens of hours of xmas tunes that do not suck. In the dark days when I sold cell phones at Radio Shack I blasted the Mixmas to the chagrin, confusion and delight of shoppers from Black Friday to NYE! May he never stop!        


2) Everett Bradley’s Holidelic!   


Imagine Christmas classics like Frosty the Snowman and Tchaikovsky’s Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy performed in the style of Parliament Funkadelic! Not. To. Be. Believed! For the last five years I have made the time to take in the Holidelic show! I am SO THERE at the Highline Ballroom on the 20th!  


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Hugh P. Klitzke blogs at  


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