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VO4TA: The Christmas Giving Thing

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VO4TA: The Christmas Giving Thing


You can tell you are getting to a certain age where you can just go: “So, Christmas… it’s coming. Gimme a hint, okay?” and your sister’s kids comply with lists. It really takes out all of the stress.  


Now, there is a lot of giving that goes on around the holidays. But because there’s so much stress, it’s often weird for everyone involved, (especially in business)! It just takes all the fun out of it.  


Please remember why you are doing it:  even if it’s a card, (and sometimes the right card really can say everything) it’s a time to show appreciation for all of the ups and downs of the year.  


Parties serve the same function. But remember what they’re for: they’re about community and camaraderie and to push back against the cold and dark of winter.  And it’s never EVER an good idea to profess devotion to your secret true love over the copy machine with a bellyfull of spiked eggnog. At least wait until you’re sober.


Now, you might not be able to go up to a client and say “gimme a hint!” But maybe you can find the one down to earth person in that office and ask - “I’d like to send something, do you have an idea of what would really be appreciated? What would they really like?”


Here’s a pro tip - give the gift after X-mas so it’s not lost in the shuffle and comes as a little surprise after January 1st. (Won’t work with cards, obviously.)


Here’s another pro tip: don’t EVER give the same thing you gave the year before, (unless it’s something like a gift card.)  You’d be surprised what people remember from year to year. Two years in a row I got exactly the same bottle of booze from the same giver. “Will you be having Declasse, before or after the entree, sir?”  


And one more tip: never put your face on a gift. A card is fine. But on a gift? Like a coaster? Or a coffee mug? Uh, no.     


Just be thoughtful and specific when giving and you won’t go wrong.




Hugh P. Klitzke blogs at  


His black little heart still loves Christmas all to pieces.  Especially in New York City.


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