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VO4TA: Can a slate be too announcery?


I’ve gone on record here saying:

You either -

1. Slate consistently

VO4TA: More Things To Never Do When Auditioning From Home


1. Ignore the instructions.

Buried in the email are guidelines for saving format, slating format, direction or any number of things. Read and understand them all before turning on your mic.


VO4TA: Never Do These Six Things When Auditioning From Home


1. Overslate - “Hi!  Good Morning! I’m June Blakely and I’m in sunny Oklahoma City and and I’m REALLY so excited to be auditioning for you today. Here are the first takes of three and there will be three more. Okay! Here I go...”

VO4TA: References


In the past couple of years has emerged as a tremendous resource for research into television commercial metrics; number of views, and where and when commercials were last broadcast.  

VO4TA: Normal People


Way back in June 2015 (I really thought it was longer) I boldly announced “Conversational Is Dead”.


Quote: ‘The directions “conversational” and “not announcery” have been forever replaced by the word “real”!’

VO4TA: Images


What are the images you see in your head as you tell the story?


Do you see families? Romantic couples? Maybe dreams being fulfilled? Images of success?  


VO4TA: Ken Burns and Peter Coyote


Ken Burns is amazing. Can this guy even make a misstep? Okay, I had problems with his documentary chronicling the “Wynton-ization” of Jazz - but that’s not why we’re here today.  


VO4TA: Layout (again)


Layout can be even more insidious than you  first thought! In this example from 2016, it’s pretty easy to see how script layout can really mess up your read.


VO4TA: Reading and Announcing


So I’m listening and directing… (another day at the office) and I have this random thought: I wonder how much of what we understand as the “traditional announcer sound” (almost everything that contemporary voiceover is not) comes from the early live radio practice (think the 1920s) of announcers actually reading from a script in hand?  



I’m gonna go back on my own word here.  


If you have work - real honest-to-god “I got paid money to do this thing” work, I think it’s possible to put together your own audiobook demo and not have to pay someone like me to do it for you.